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Turn Barrel Bushings


Sten Mk II, Sten Mk V, CZ 24 or CZ 26

    $15.00 per bushing (includes return shipping)




Bolt Conversions


Convert YOUR Sten bolt for use in the Vertical Sten

    1. Right Side Cocking = $75.00 + shipping

    2. Left Side Cocking = $50.00 + shipping


FAL Family





    Please specify if you would like the left or right side

    cocking conversion when ordering!



Convert Your Sten bolt for use in the Right-Side Feed Sten

    1. $75.00 + shipping




    1. De-mill your Sten Mk III or CZ 24/26 barrel

      $20.00 (Includes return shipping)

    2. De-mill your Sten Mk III barrel and install your

      de-milled barrel and barrel bushings into receiver

      $25.00 (+ return shipping)



    1. Turn Uzi SMG barrel to Semi Auto and attach compensator

      $90.00 (includes compensator)

    2. Remove Sten MK II site from bushing

      $5.00Sturmgewehr Family Tree

    3. Mill cut slot in barrel for alignment pin





Send us the information for the service you would like and we'll get back to you with more information. Please include the type of slide you would like the work to be performed on.




E-mail us with your needs and we will get back to you with more information.




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