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Products manufactured and provided by Luna & Diablo's Den are made of the highest grade materials. When you place an order with us, you will get a finely crafted reliable product.

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Our receivers are made with 4130 moly seamless steel and each one comes with a highly precise CAD drawn template bonded on. Receiver variations offered include: Blank with template, 75% Completed, and 80% completed. We also offer Ventilated and Vertical Sten receivers. Receivers are designed accurately for ease of use.

Receiver Information

Provides descriptions of the different variations of completed receivers.

Blueprints & Templates

Blueprints are printed individually from the equipment within our facility. Each blueprint is printed separately from disc to ensure the readability and usability of each one. Our blueprints are not Xeroxed copies. Blueprints are available in three different sizes to suit each persons needs.

Templates are thoroughly researched for precise dimensions and then designed on our CAD program. As the drawings are kept on disk, each template printed is an original. Templates are created for ease of use and are of the highest professional quality.

Custom Parts

At our facility you can also purchase custom parts. A few items that you will find on our website are: dummy barrels, CZ front hand guard studs, and Uzi rivets. Be sure to check this page out!


We offer machine services for Uzi, Sten, and CZ. Our specialty is custom machine work, so if there is something you need or would like to have done, let us know!


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Site Map Monthly Specials Products/Services Order Form Shipping Rates Feedback Links